Moulded fibre packaging

 Moulded Fibre Packaging


Moulded fibre is 100% recyclable. 


Made from renewable resources, moulded fibre helps to protect limited resources. 


The raw material of moulded fibre packaging is carbon neutral. 


Moulded fibre packaging is biodegradable, meaning that it returns to the ecological cycle. 


Our moulded fibre egg boxes are all marked with the FSC label. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is a non-profit organisation, whose goal it is to improve forest management worldwide. 

Plastic packaging

Plastic Packaging 


Our plastic egg packaging is made from recycled post consumer material (called R-PET).

The packaging can be recycled again and again. 


By reusing the PET material, CO2 emission is reduced and the carbon footprint minimised.

The use of renewable energy in production is increasing and no fresh water is used in the process. 

The light weight and low density of plastic boxes/trays makes for more efficient transport, thereby minimising the environmental impact due to transport.