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Håkan Persson, the CEO of DAVA Foods in Sweden, planted the seeds for a school project when he went to Tanzania as a volunteer for three months. Here he met Victoria Salakana, a trained teacher who has great experience with various social educational projects.

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The doors to Victory Nursery School were opened in September 2014. The school is situated in the Majengo District in a town called Moshi. The area is characterised by poverty, alcoholism and unemployment. In the area, children can attend public schools from the age of 7.

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The staff at Victory Nursery School includes the principal Victoria, a cook and two local teachers. The school accepts children from the age of 3-6 years and offers them routines, comfort, education and a daily meal.

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Helping the children attend school and ensuring them one healthy meal a day will contribute to society in the long run. Health problems, both physical and psychological, can be discovered at an early stage. Less school drop-outs mean less alcohol and drugs abuse, and less crime in the future.