Minimising the impact

of transport


DAVA Foods continuously optimises logistics. A major step was taken in 2010 when egg collection switched to plastic trays and pallets. This allowed us to have even more eggs per pallet, thereby reducing costs as well as the environmental impact.

60 % of all our eggs are transported in our own vehicles. By using our own drivers to deliver and pick up the eggs we ensure a consistently high level of service to our customers and manufacturers.

We are continuously working on minimising the environmental impact and CO2 emissions. Our own drivers take part in driving skills training to reduce diesel consumption. All lorries are fitted with class 5 diesel engines.

Logistics are also optimised by consolidating goods on the lorries, coordinating pick-ups and deliveries where possible, and ongoing route planning and adjustment. In Finland we achived the Green Fleet award.


Focus on



The optimisation of resources in our production is equally important. For example, we closely monitor and optimise our consumption of electricity, water, chemicals, etc.

In Sweden we take part in the REPA organisation’s recovery system and a system has been established for internal recycling. We strive to reduce or even eliminate waste in our production.

All broken eggshells are dried and used for animal feed and fertilisers, while all discarded eggs are used for biogas production.

Our packaging is made from recycled paper and recyclable PET plastic. All moulded fibre packaging is compostable and labels are FSC marked.

Our Swedish and Finnish plants are certified to ISO 14001, and DAVA Foods in Hadsund is also working towards an ISO 14001 certification.