A strong organisation


DAVA Foods is part of the Danish Agro group, which have approximately 3,400 employees and an annual turnover in the region of EUR 3.5 billion. The Danish Agro group comprises a range of agro-industrial companies in Denmark and abroad. Each company shares the overall objective of creating value for individual farms, always while working closely together with all its customers. The group mainly works within the sale of feed, raw material and vitamin premixes, fertilizers, crop protection products, seeds, machinery, and energy and with buying crops from the agricultural sector.

The group has seen rapid development in recent years – partly through organic growth and partly due to a carefully considered acquisition strategy. Today Danish Agro is well equipped to face and adapt to the ongoing structural developments within the agricultural sector. All acquisitions and mergers have been governed by one overriding concern: they should enable the group to promote greater efficiency and to leverage the synergies made possible whenever companies join forces for a common good.

Danish Agro HQ

Purchasing power


As part of the Danish Agro group, the DAVA Foods group also enjoys the backing of a partner with genuinely strong purchasing power. This position of financial authority, paired with a keen sense for quality and responsible behavior, helps ensure that feed, etc., is set at the price points that help promote high quality throughout the value chain. The financial clout of the Danish Agro group also allows us to remain firmly committed to our strategy of acquisition and growth even though the market is characterized by strong competition.

The Danish Agro group not only has the power of its convictions; it also has real staying power.