About DAVA Foods Estonia


DAVA Foods in Estonia
DAVA Foods (previously Eesti Munatooted) in Tallinn, was founded in 1995 and is one of the most important local egg-product companies in the Baltic States. The company is the most important supplier of egg products on the Estonian market with the brand Scanegg, and the company’s market shares are also growing in Latvia and Lithuania.

DAVA Foods has firmly established and strong know-how on the manufacture and marketing of egg products, and the company cooperates with Muna Foods on manufacturing and product development. The companies process a total of approximately 7.5 million kg hen eggs per year for the Baltic and Nordic market.

Biggest farm in Estonia
The farm, situated just outside Tallinn, is the biggest Estonian farm with a capacity of up to 330,000 hens split into 6 houses. Daily approximately 300,000 fresh cage eggs are layed to supply Estonian households with brown and white eggs. 

Our business is founded on high food safety and quality. The “Farm to Table” quality system is a cornerstone of our business base and sets high standards for quality, food safety, production and animal welfare. We control and ensure quality across the entire value chain. Feed of high quality and safety is essential for efficient production and high food safety. We vouch 100% for the feed used. 

We have our own rearing and all feed are locally produced and delivered from HK Scan few kilometres from the farm. This ensures high control and traceability, and makes it very easy to adjust or adapt new feed.