About DAVA Foods Finland


A strong player in Finland
Founded in 1921, DAVA Foods Finland (previously Munakunta) is the market leader in Finland within the packing of eggs and production of pasteurized egg products, with a market share of 40 %. The company is the distributor of the strong product brand Kultamuna (‘Golden Egg’), launched in 1967. The company handles production and marketing of pasteurized egg products under the brand name Scanegg, originating from the previous subsi­diary Scanegg Suomi which was merged into Munakunta in 2010. The company has solid know-how on how to manufacture micro-biologically demanding products.

Quality and control
To ensure the highest egg quality, all farmers supplying eggs to Muna Foods’ farmers must sign a written agreement on quality, and compliance is regularly monitored. The agreement covers animal welfare, taking care of the hens, and special requests regarding feeding and conditions. The feed given to hens directly affects the taste of chicken eggs and yolk color. The feeding is based on grains, mainly barley and oats. Today, the feed composition is investigated and closely monitored.

Scanegg products – safe and hygienic
The egg products made by Scanegg are made of certified fresh hen eggs, which simplifies the processes by saving time, space and money. The egg products of Scanegg offer the freshness, convenience of use and healthiness of hen eggs without losing any of the fresh shell eggs' functionality or benefits.

As a result of years of development Scanegg is able to offer the widest selection of high-quality egg products. The Scanegg heat-treated egg powder products are natural, safe, easy-to-use products which preserve well and which have been especially developed for the food industry and bakery processes.