About DAVA Foods Packaging


DAVA Foods Packaging was founded in 2014 based on a strategic partnership between DAVA Foods and the Dutch packaging group Twinpack Special Products. Taking its point of departure in innovative packaging solutions, the vision behind the company is to add extra value to the egg category for retailers and consumers alike, thereby generating added value within the global egg industry. Europe alone consumes eight billion egg trays per year, and the number is growing.

eggyplay® is an excellent example of the kind of product that the company can give extra lift and momentum in the marketplace. eggyplay® is a patented egg box design made from colourful plastic.

The eggyplay® egg boxes are made from moulded polypropylene. Once empty and washed (they are dishwasher safe), the colourful, interlocking boxes can be used as toy building blocks, giving children hours of fun. At present the egg boxes come in packs of eight featuring four different colours; more colours and themed designs will be launched regularly to reflect the changing seasons and holidays. The eggyplay® boxes are CE certified and approved as toys.

The concept was launched in the autumn of 2013 and since then things have progressed rapidly with huge interest from many different markets, near and far.

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About Twinpack

Special Products

Twinpack Special Products is one of the leading suppliers of packaging solutions in the Netherlands. The company specialises in packaging solutions for the processing industry, including the meat and poultry industries and the flower industry, and also provides packaging to the retail market. The extensive product portfolio encompasses the following main categories: cardboard/plastic/tape/foil

Twinpack Special Products is the company behind several innovative packaging and logistics concepts. For example, the company owns the Eggs Cargo System®, the globally leading system for transporting shell eggs. The most recent innovations include Hatch Cargo System® and Flower Transport System®, which are used worldwide to transport fragile products in the most efficient and careful way. For more information, visit www.twinpacksp.com