Recyclable and reusable


The EcoTray is made of polypropylene (PP05) which is recyclable and approved for contact with food. It goes in the dishwasher, allowing it to be reused in many different ways; washed and reused at home, recycled, or returned and reused as an egg tray.

DAVA Foods has created a concept for at potential return system, enabling the customers to return the empty trays to the store, like PET bottles. The stores then return the trays to the egg packaging station to be reused. In order to implement this system a suitable workflow has to be developed in cooperation with the stores.


Ecotray Flow UK

A perfect match

for the green consumer

EcoTray is the perfectly suited for organic eggs. Scandinavia has spearheaded the movement towards organic farming and organic food in many areas, and eggs are a prominent part of this evolution. At DAVA Foods, we actively support organic egg production; indeed, we aim to generate 50 % of our turnover from organic products in 2020.

General consumer demand supports this strategy: at present, one in four of all the shell eggs we supply retail chains in Denmark is organic, and the demand looks set to grow even greater. As an added bonus, all organic eggs supplied by DAVA Foods are guaranteed to have come from hens that have been bred and reared organically from the time they themselves were eggs.

Matching organic eggs with a truly eco-friendly egg tray is the obvious choice for the green consumer.

Technical specifications

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