Affordable and Clean Energy 

Official UN goal: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.​

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On a yearly basis DAVA Foods transports 1,6 billion eggs under tempered conditions. Cooling equipment is necessary for the food safety.


  • DAVA Foods will reduce the company’s C02 emissions from vehicles and process equipment, including cooling equipment. It will happen through an optimization of process equipment and logistics, which means efficiency improvement with each truck load and trip. It makes good sense for both environment and company.
  • DAVA Foods will replace the company cars which uses fossil fuels with cars that runs on non-fossil fuel.
  • DAVA Foods will get energy from renewable energy sources.


  • In 2023, the CO2 emission from vehicles must be reduced with 30% per kilo eggs produced
  • In 2027, all newly acquired company cars run on non-fossil fuel
  • All process machinery bought from 2025 must be based on renewable energy sources
  • In 2040, all equipment should process with non-fossil energy