Gives 6-8 pancakes

Did someone say 'pancakes'? Pancakes are always delightful to eat, and these vegan pancakes are no exception: made with only seven ingredients, including our DAVA No Egg, they are also easy to make.

Fluffy vegan pancakes with No Egg - a new family favourite? 

Recipe image


200 g spelt flour, type 630
8 g baking powder
2 g baking soda
2 g salt
20 g xylitol
250 g oat drink
100 g DAVA No Egg
30 g rapeseed oil


Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Mix the oat drink, DAVA No Egg and rapeseed oil in a bowl. Add all the dry ingredients and stir the dough. 

Let the dough rest for about 10 minutes.

Add a little frying oil to a pan, and heat the pan to medium-high heat. We recommend using a blinis pan, if you have one. 

Add the dough in portions (approx. 2-3 tablespoons). Fry until the top is covered with bubbles, then turn the pancakes and continue frying.

Repeat till you have no more dough and then enjoy your warm pancakes - perhaps with syrups and berries?