Meat-free spaghetti carbonara

For 2 persons

Our vegan carbonara with DAVA No Egg is creamy and dreamy (as carbonara should be, mmmh!). It is perfect comfort food and is easy to make - enjoy.

Recipe image


1 onion
2 garlic cloves
Fresh parsley, a few leaves
300 g spaghetti
3 tbsp olive oil
100 g vegan bacon substitute
150 g DAVA No Egg
150 g vegan cream substitute
60 g vegan cheese substitute


Slice the onions and garlic into small pieces. Chop the parsley finely. 

Boil the spaghetti according to package instructions in salted water.

Put olive oil on a pan and heat it up to medium heat. Add the sliced onion, vegan bacon and garlic. Fry it briefly.

Mix the DAVA No Egg, the cream substitute and the cheese substitute, salt and pepper in a bowl. Leave it, until the spaghetti is done.

When the spaghetti is done, pour the water into the sink. Place the spaghetti in the pan with onions, vegan and garlic. Mix it. 

Pour the No Egg mass to the spaghetti, mix it and bring everything to a boil briefly.

Arrange it on a plate and garnish with parsley and extra cheese substitute. Enjoy!