Responsible Production and Consumption

Official UN goal: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.​

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Eggs are environmentally-friendly food with a low carbon footprint compared to other animal food with high level of protein. DAVA Foods works continuously to reduce the carbon footprint from eggs.


  • DAVA Foods works towards only using recyclable and sustainable packaging based on the circular economy.
  • DAVA Foods wants to have zero waste. It means all resources must be sorted and reused, recycled or used for renewable energy.
  • DAVA Foods will minimize food waste in the whole value chain with, among others, optimize our process equipment and minimize transport breakage.
  • DAVA Foods will reduce water and energy per produced unit.


  • DAVA Foods is waste free in 2021
  • DAVA Foods has reduced its food waste with 50 % before 2024
  • In 2030, DAVA Foods aim to only use recyclable packaging
  • Water and energy levels are reduced with 30 % in 2025 per produced unit