Boiled egg products

All the best sandwiches started with boiled eggs in them - and now it has never been easier to use boiled eggs. 
DAVA Foods offer boiled eggs and stiffened egg products. Our boiled eggs spands from small cask containing 825 g to big boxes at 4 kg - available in organic, barn and cage. Our organic, stiffened egg are available in both 125 g and 500 g. 
Our products are a quick and convenient solution. For an example, the boiled eggs are hard-boiled, peeled and placed in buckets with a brine. You just have rinse the eggs before you dice, slice, or serve them whole in sandwiches, salad bars, salads, garnish - you name it.
It is op to you whether your boiled egg products should come from organic, barn eggs or cage eggs.
Whatever you choose, you can be sure your products have undergone the strictest safety measures around. At DAVA Foods we employ strict measures to keep our products on a high food safety level – without sacrificing quality.
If you want to know more about our boiled eggs product and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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700292 - DAVA Barn Boiled eggs 2 kg

DAVA Boiled Barn Eggs 2 kg

Item no. 700292


700393 - DAVA Organic Boiled Eggs 3,5 kg

DAVA Boiled Organic Eggs 3,5 kg

Item no. 700393

700489 - DAVA Boiled Eggs (Barn)

DAVA Boiled Barn Eggs 4 kg

Item no. 700489

700491 - DAVA Boiled Eggs (Cage)

DAVA Boiled Cage Eggs 4 kg

Item no. 700491

9700180 - DAVA Organic Steamed Egg Custard 125 g

DAVA Organic Steamed Egg Custard 125 g

Item no. 9700180

9700181 - DAVA Organic Steamed Egg Custard 500 g

DAVA Organic Steamed Egg Custard 500 g

Item no. 9700181

9701202 - DAVA Boiled Organic Eggs 4 x 825 g

DAVA Boiled Organic Eggs 4 x 825 g​

Item no. 9701202