Protein supplement & shakes

DAVA Foods offers different protein supplement and shakes made of pure egg whites with or without flavor: our unique white™ product line. 

white™ shakes
Our protein shakes are made of pure egg whites with natural added flavour, currently strawberry and chocolate. The products are available in handy 220 ml bottles. A bottle - independently if it is strawberry or chocolate - contains 22 g per bottle and is lactose-free.

whitePRO™ is a pure egg white protein supplement with a neutral taste and odor. The product contain 10,5 g protein per 100 g egg white and is fat-free, sugar-free and lactose-free. 

whitePRO™ is unique, because it is heat-treated and can be stored at room temperature. whitePRO™ is sold in handy 220 ml bottles and 1 kg bottles. 

Why protein matters 
Protein is important for the human body as it contributes to growth and maintenance of muscles and protein also contributes to maintain normal bones. 

Both white™ products are made of egg whites of high quality, has a liquid consistency and do not smell nor taste of egg whites. 

We offer the white™ product line in all countries we are in, as well as for export. 

If you want to know more about the products and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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900205 - whitePRO neutral barn eggs 1 kg

whitePRO 1 kg, barn eggs*

Item no. 900205

950001 - white Strawberry UK/DK/SE/FI

white Strawberry 220 ml

Item no. 950001

950022 - white Chocolate UK/DK/SE/FI 220 ml

white Chocolate 220 ml

Item no. 950022

950028 - whitePRO 230 g barn eggs

whitePRO 230 g, barn eggs

Item no. 950028

950039 - White Chocolate UK/EE/LV/LT/RU 220 ml

White Chocolate 220 ml

Item no. 950039

950041 - White Strawberry UK/EE/LV/LT/RU

White Strawberry 220 ml

Item no. 950041

950045 - whitePRO 230 g DE

whitePRO 230 g, barn eggs (export​)

Item no. 950045

950054 - whitePRO 1 kg XP DE

whitePRO 1 kg,  barn eggs (export)

Item no. 950054

950055 - whitePRO 1 kg ORGANIC DE

whitePRO 1 kg, organic (export)

Item no. 950055

950106 - whitePRO 230 g UAE

whitePRO 230 g, barn eggs (export​)

Item no. 950106