Sweet pancakes

Servings: 1 person

Not only a delicious and healthy snack but also perfect for dessert, or as a tasty treat for when you are done with training.


You need

115 g DAVA whitePRO egg whites
1 tsp vanilla powder
40 g oatmeal
1 dl of water
20 g of mixed berries
0,5 banana
1-2 tbsp of vanilla skyr
Cocoa powder
Sugar-free caramel sauce

How to

Bring oatmeal and water to the boil as you would for porridge. Add egg whites and vanilla powder. Blend the mixture.

Fry the mixture in a pan at a medium heat together with sliced banana and mixed berries.

Serve on a plate with a spoonful of skyr, cocoa powder and sugar-free caramel sauce.