Whole eggs

Egg whites are very usable in both the sweet and salty kitchen. 
DAVA Foods offer a variety of pasteurised egg whites. All our egg whites are available in both 1 kg and 5 kg. You choose if you want egg whites from organic, barn eller cage eggs. 
One of the success criteria for a good egg white is the whipping ability: the greater volume, the better. We test the whipping ability for every batch we produce. First the raw, cracked product is tested to determine which finished product the egg is best suited for. We aim to provide our customers with uniform products of the highest quality.
If you want to know more about the products and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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700505 - DAVA Frozen Whole Eggs No preservation 5 kg

DAVA Frozen Whole Eggs 5 kg
No preservatives

Item no. 700505


Eierstich Barn Eggs 200 g

Item no. 700701

Eierstich Barn Eggs 1250 g

Item no. 700711